British Invasion Musical Timeline

I created an interactive narrative website detailing the popularity of the British Invasion in 1960s American pop culture.

Live site here.

  • User Research
  • Content Strategy
  • UX Design
  • Visual Design
  • Front-end Development
British Invasion Website

Planning and Scope

I began with thorough research on my topic, coming in with a decent amount of background knowledge. I built my timeline around The Beatles’ first arrival in America, all the way to the more modern British bands of today. For the timeline, I set aside over 30 notable bands, songs, videos, and people to keep in mind as data nodes.

My Audience

Audience 1

Older folks who were around during the 1960s and absolutely love British Invasion music and culture.

Audience 2

Younger music fans who appreciate “the old stuff” and want to learn more about how it ties in with music today.

Laying it out

In beginning the design process, my aim was to create an immersive story with an intuitive flow.

Like entering a well thought out museum exhibition, the British Invasion Timeline was designed to bring people closer to music history.

Rule 1: Always test

I looked for feedback on my thinking from both fellow designers as well as “non-computer” types who may be less adept at navigating the web. Throughout this process, I rapidly began prototyping my concept in code and observed a few potential users as they tested the site.

Bright and cheery (unlike my wardrobe)

For the colors, I took my inspiration from The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album. I felt that this bright, energetic palette easily demonstrated the fiery and enthusiastic momentum of 1960s British music culture as well as the mod and psychedelic styles seen in fashion.

British Invasion Modules