Frip (Friend Trip)

Frip is a mobile app that builds flexible itineraries for friends looking to explore a new city. Invite your friends to your adventure and start collaborative planning!

  • User Research
  • UX Design
  • Visual Design

Defining The Problem

How do you ever fully explore a new place? We often find ourselves going on weekend trips to new cities or towns and getting overwhelmed with the possibilities.

Students and young adults want to visit local spots when they travel, but don’t where to find them in a new city. Many factors influence how people pick places to go, such as costs and time constraints.

What We Learned

As it turns out, planning for a group trip is really stressful in order to accommodate everyone’s interests and constraints, especially for the person in charge of planning. There were a few other minor insights uncovered, but we decided to focus on the main challenge: planning for group trips.

Rapid Iteration

We quickly sketched up our ideas and gut checked with each other to rapidly iterate. Once we were able to get them to a higher fidelity onscreen, we tested with target users.

The Use Case

Marie, Courtney, and two other friends are going on a trip to New York City next weekend. Marie is the typical "planner" friend, having always taken the lead on organizing their weekend trips. However, she still wants her friends to have an input. They turn to Frip to plan their upcoming trip.

Final Prototype

Frip helps friends plan together through collaborative voting. All friends invited can suggest possible trip activities, and group voting lets everyone contribute their opinion. After the group votes, the trip planner can finalize activities one by one and set a flexible itinerary (always leave room for spontaneity!).